Air conditioning

We’re here to assist you with your air conditioning fitting, maintenance and repairs every day of the week.

What we offer:

At Henry Paul we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and the long-term relationships we forge with our clients.  Putting it simply, our aim is to fix and repair any maintenance issues with the minimum amount of disruption, in the quickest possible time, at the best possible price.  All our work is conducted with passion, professionalism and dedication. We want to help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your domestic and commercial properties all year round.

  • We install, repair and maintain all manner of air conditioning systems
  • Full install
  • Clean air filters
  • Flush through drain lines
  • Clean internal and external facias
  • Clean exterior condenser coils

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We have a wide array of qualified and vetted tradesmen available to assist you with all your property maintenance requirements. Just call us for more information.


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